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City of Sydney Historical Association (COSHA)

Formed in 2000 with the aim of increasing awareness and appreciation of the history of the City of Sydney, COSHA aims to make our history more accessible.
COSHA regularly organises guided walks, lectures and tours of historic sites and buildings.




Saturday 13th August at 2:00pm

"Famous Meetings in History: Governor Phillip invites Rear Admiral Laperouse to Sydney Cove"

Speaker: Margaret Cameron-Ash

Venue: Henry Carmichael Theatre, Sydney Mechanics of Arts, 280 Pitt Street
Admission: Members $5 Visitors $10
No bookings required | COVID rules apply

Margaret Cameron-Ash rewrites the history of the founding of modern Australia. It tells how the French had a jump start in the race for a Pacific empire, but English officials then launched their own pursuit around the globe. The contestants finally met in Botany Bay, with the French just five days too late. Behind the scenes, American explorers, spies and a future US President made contributions that assisted the winners and prevented the continent from becoming a French possession.



Saturday 10th September at 2:00pm

"Heritage Houses of the Parramatta River"

Speaker: Angela Phippen

Venue: Henry Carmichael Theatre, Sydney Mechanics of Arts, 280 Pitt Street
Admission: Members $5 Visitors $10
No bookings required | COVID rules apply

In this illustrated talk historian and COSHA member Angela Phippen will talk about the existing 19th century historic houses of the Ryde LGA. Last year she told us of many older houses that have been demolished over the last century. However you will be pleased to learn that many beautiful and important buildings have survived and are still in use. Angela will show us some of these houses and tell us their stories.


Saturday 8th October at 2:00pm

"Australia and the Pacific"

Speaker: Ian Hoskins

MEMBERS: AGM at 1:30pm
SPEAKER at 2:00pm

Venue: Lord Mayor's Reception Room, Sydney Town Hall
Admission: Gold Coin Donation
No bookings required | COVID rules apply

Australia's deep past and its modern history are intrinsically linked to the Pacific. In Australia & the Pacific, Ian Hoskins - historian and award winning author - expands his gaze to examine Australia's relationship with the Pacific region This revealing, sweeping narrative history begins with the shifting of the continents to the coming of the First Australians and, thousands of years later, the Europeans who dispossessed them. Hoskins explores colonists' attempts to exploit the riches of the region while keeping white Australia' separate from neighbouring Asians, Melanesians and Polynesians.

He examines how the advent of modern human rights and the creation of the United Nations after World War Two changed Australia and investigates our increasing regional engagement following the rise of China and concludes with the offshore detention of asylum seekers and current debates over climate change. Hoskins questions Australia's responsibilities towards our increasingly imperilled neighbours.