City of Sydney Historical Association
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City of Sydney Historical Association (COSHA)

Formed in 2000 with the aim of increasing awareness and appreciation of the history of the City of Sydney,

COSHA aims to make our history more accessible. COSHA regularly organises guided walks, lectures and tours of historic sites and buildings.

Callum Park

The Rozelle Hospital site in Sydney’s inner west is 61 hectares of exceptionally beautiful, undulating waterfront parkland.

The site incorporates many layers of archaeological, Aboriginal, historical, cultural, aesthetic, and environmental heritage.

It contains many heritage buildings, including the original houses (1839 and 1842) of the two estates on which it is based;

and the magnificent Kirkbride Block, completed in 1885 for the Callan Park psychiatric hospital is now the campus of Sydney College of the Arts.

Photographs taken by COSHA members Betty Candy John Brooks and Rose Boutin.