City of Sydney Historical Association
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City of Sydney Historical Association (COSHA)

Formed in 2000 with the aim of increasing awareness and appreciation of the history of the City of Sydney,

COSHA aims to make our history more accessible. COSHA regularly organises guided walks, lectures and tours of historic sites and buildings.

Goat Island

Bennelong, arguably the best known aboriginal in early Australian history claimed that Goat Island belonged to his father, and he and wife Barangaroo were often seen there.

The Europeans moved in to the island in the 1830s quarrying sandstone and went on to construct the Sydney Magazine complex. The Water Police moved there in 1838, followed by the Sydney Harbour Master.

The island was the main site for the TV series ‘Water Rats’ from 1996-2005.

Photographs taken by COSHA members Betty Candy John Brooks and Rose Boutin.